The Farm

Talaria’s facilities include fifty 12 x12 box stalls surrounding a 210 x 90 indoor arena. Due to the open design of the stalls, all horses have a view of the central arena and can hear and see each other in a close-to-natural herd-like existence.

Exercise and conditioning amenities at Talaria include the indoor & outdoor arenas, ponying track, deep sand bullpen, covered hot walker, turn-out periods in numerous outdoor paddocks, and swimming in our indoor heated equine pool (which enables exercise without undue stress and provides therapy when needed).

Talaria’s vet lab and breeding station is equipped with all the traditional equipment plus many of the latest technical tools designed to increase breeding success.

Beyond our expertise in caring for fine Arabian horses, we are dedicated to providing our clients with many opportunities to personally enjoy their horses. A large portion of the barn complex is devoted to human comfort. As a Talaria client, when visiting the farm, you’re welcomed into a beautifully appointed lobby, and can relax in our comfortable client lounge before or after spending time with your horse in the attached barn and arena areas.

Our attractive conference and party room seats 50 people, has various media capability, and an attached catering kitchen. It is the perfect place to launch a promotion for one of your horses – or have a small dinner for prospective buyers.

Talaria offers educational and enjoyable activities (clinics, seminars, open houses, farm fairs), which draw focus to sale horses in an exciting yet relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Finally, Talaria’s presence at select major shows, like the Egyptian Event, provides our clients with a “home away from home”-comfortable and elegant surroundings in which to meet with friends and clients and showcase their horses.

Talaria: Its Past & Present

The name “Talaria” (borrowed from Greek mythology) means “graceful and swift” and how beautifully this word describes the Arabian horse with which the farm has become associated.

The Talaria story here in Georgia began in early 1988, when Talaria Farms of Metamore, Michigan, merged with Herman and Judith Fellton of Atlanta, Georgia, owners of the Ramses Herd – and Talaria moved to the lovely facility in Newnan, Georgia, which Mr. Fellton had recently acquired to house his horses.

In 1998, Talaria was purchased by a group (Allison Mehta, Tom Crawford, and Curt Westley) interested in saving the farm and surrounding acreage, and now the “Talaria dream” continues. Although most of the original Ramses herd has been dispersed, a few prized mares were retained. The farm is maintained in an environmentally responsible manner. Beyond our recycling program (extended to shows as well), Talaria does not use toxic pesticides or herbicides, returns five-year old composted manure into our pastures, produced in our 500 cubic yard, 5-year rotation method, and tries to utilize environmentally safer products whenever possible. Goats & sheep (protected by our wonderful herd dog Liza), help with overgrowth control, Claire (trained border collie) keeps the Canadian Geese on the run, and Jacinta and family help keep the coyotes in check. Talaria is a micro-culture where fine Arabian horses thrive under the caring professional management by good people who try to tread as lightly as possible on the farm land.


Talaria’s Pledge

We promise to..

  • — Take a leadership role in supporting humane treatment of Arabian horses worldwide.
  • — Provide our clients with access to the finest Arabian horses available for breeding or pleasure.
  • — Assure our clients of an earth friendly safe environment in which to keep and enjoy their horses.
  • — Provide prompt, friendly, and courteous service by a knowledgeable and highly-trained staff.
  • — Demonstrate respect for all human differences and Arabian horse strains and bloodlines.
  • — Promote and market fine Arabian horses with enthusiasm, but always with sincerity and absolute honesty.
  • — Never knowingly post a conformationally adjusted photograph to our website or to any of our promotional material.
  • — Introduce newcomers to Arabian horses through experiences which will encourage them to become involved with the breed.
  • — Provide continuing high-quality client services such as educational seminars, clinics, and fun social activities.
  • — Always remember that both clients and horses deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.


Employment Opportunities

Occassionally, we have a position available for the following – conditioning, training, breeding, farm maintenance, & administration. We always keep an eye open looking for qualified staff that have good moral & work ethics, are concerned with the horses’ well-being, are willing to learn, and of course, are considerate & friendly.

Additionally, apprenticeships can prove to be an outstanding opportunity for both parties.

If you are interested in a position and believe that you are qualified, please review Talaria’s Pledge above to be sure that you are clear as to our basic philosophies. We welcome responsible inquiries via résumé sent either by U.S. mail to the farm or by emailing us at

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