We warmly welcome Heather Spies to our team

Heather Spies has been a dedicated horsewoman for her entire life, and her love for horses is surpassed only by her work ethic and the care that she gives them. Heather has invested countless hours working with some of the top trainers in the industry to further hone her craft, and has attained success in all of the main ring Arabian horse performance divisions—including championships in Hunter, Western and Saddle Seat divisions at regional and national levels.

She provides all the horses under her care with the utmost individual attention, consistently focusing on their individual needs in order to maximize their abilities. With amateur riders, Heather has proven to be an excellent teacher—always taking the time necessary to explain the nuances of riding and the mastery of their horses. As with the horses under her care, she develops an individually tailored training program to maximize a rider’s level of accomplishment.

Horses and their riders will always be a part of Heather’s life. Conversely, Heather will always be a part of the horses’ and riders’ lives that she has touched. Heather’s reputation as a “horse listener” is apparent once you experience her methods.

Talaria Farms welcomes Heather Spies to our Talaria team—and we are very pleased to be able to offer her expertise in furthering a great experience with our—and our clients’—Arabian horses!